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Doped via supplements? A pilot study on doping and supplements in sports clubs in Sweden

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Susanna Geidne

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International studies and experiences from many organizations in Sweden shows a relationship between dietary supplements and doping. Some supplements contain doping substances and supplements can also be a gateway to doping. There is a lack of knowledge about the use of supplements, and its consequences, in club sports in Sweden. There are few prevention programs targeted to  sports clubs of doping and supplements.

The project will prepare for a development project by contributing to the identification of the use of dietary supplements as well as the relationship between supplements and doping in sports clubs in Sweden in order to suggest relevant intervention methods and approaches for prevention. It also wants to examine how sports clubs worked with these issues so far and which stakeholders can work together to reduce the use of supplements and doping in sport.

The project is conducted in close collaboration between Örebro Regional Sports Federation and Örebro University. 


Research funding bodies

  • The Public Health Agency of Sweden


  • Örebro Läns Idrottsförbund_ÖLIF