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Home-phototherapy for newborn infants with hyperbilirubinemia

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Mats Eriksson

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Newborn hyperbilirubinemia is a common condition that requires treatment with a special light at the hospital. Being at the hospital can lead to separation, stress and affected attachment between the infant and the parents. In this randomised controlled study which is conducted at four hospitals in Mid-Sweden we will study the effects on parental stress, breastfeeding and other factors.

Research groups

Research funding bodies

  • The Small Child
  • Regional Research Council Mid Sweden


  • Andreas Odlind, Falu lasarett
  • Ann-Mari Johansson, Region Örebro län
  • Anna Skeppstedt, Region Örebro län
  • Camilla Vannemyr, Centralsjukhuset i Karlstad
  • Erik Norrman, Uppsala universitet
  • Eva Albinsson, Centralsjukhuset i Karlstad
  • Maria Degerman, Falu lasarett
  • Maria Gradin, Region Örebro län
  • Miriam Pettersson, Region Örebro län
  • Monica Andersson, Region Örebro län
  • Ylva Thernström Blomqvist, Uppsala universitet