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Everyday activities in older adults readmitted to hospital and discharged to home

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Marie Holmefur

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Older adults with chronic conditions are frequently treated in hospital. Readmission to hospital are indicators that healthcare systems are not working optimally. Risk factors for readmission is for ex. chronic diseases, multiple medications and impaired ability related to everyday activities at home. The aim of this project is therefore to get a deeper understanding of everyday activities for a group of older adults frequently readmitted to hospital and discharged to home. Within the project, activities related to self-care and aspects of health status in older adults readmitted to hospital are assessed. Furthermore, qualitative studies have explored how this group of older adults were able to describe the everyday activities at home after a hospital stay. Also healthcare professionals' experiences of various care interventions in order to maintain ability and to prevent unnecessary readmissions are explored.  The results of this project are expected to clarify the needs of this group of older adults and to create new foundations for assessments and interventions after discharge.


Research funding bodies

  • Region Örebro County