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A Cross-Cultural Perspective on Raising of Awareness through Virtual Experiencing (C-RAVE)

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In progress 2015 - 2021


Mats Deutschmann

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Stereotypes and prejudices are culturally bound. What is considered a "good or bad" characteristic in one culture is not necessarily deemed the same in another. In order to understand our own patterns of behavior and view others with more open minds, cross-cultural and intercultural perspectives can be enlightening. It is in this light C-RAVE is to be understood. The proposed five-year project builds on RAVE (Raising Awareness through Virtual Experiencing), and the overall aim is to develop efficient methods to illustrate how sociolinguistic founded prejudices and stereotypes affect how we judge others and to what extent these may be universal or culturally contextualised.

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Research funding bodies

  • Marcus and Amalia Wallenberg Foundation