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Biosignatures and functional network structures

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Dirk Repsilber

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Molecular OMICs data are screened for biomarkers and combinations of biomarkers, called biosignatures. Our aim is to make use of a priori knowledge on functional molecular networks of different kinds to enhance detection of valid biosignatures. Algorithmic development in this project will for example look into further developing algorithmic alternatives for L-PLS, in close cooperation with the Biostatistics and Bioinformatics group at IKBM, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Aas, Norway. In a cooperation with the University of Rostock, Institute for Biostatistics and Informatics in Medicine and Ageing Research, this project aims at making use of a priori knowledge from protein-protein interactions databases, such as STRING, for the supervised analysis of gene expression data. Similar analyses, together with in-depth gene set enrichment analyses are conducted in a diversity of projects together with researchers at Örebro University.

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