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Voluntary work within project's funded by the Swedish Inheritance Fund

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In progress 2016 - 2019


Susanna Geidne

Research subject

Engaging as a volunteer to perform unpaid and voluntary work is a global phenomenon. Volunteers can be of importance to both the work they perform for a specific organization and for the specific target group they can reach. Voluntary work can also have an impact on people’s own health and in extension for the society. The aim of this study is to increase the knowledge of voluntary activities in Sweden. For example, how to recruit and retain volunteers, what conditions and support that is needed, and the importance of volunteers for the results of the projects. This can lead to increasing the quality of organizations' methods in their work with volunteers. It also means that the quality of the support from different funders, such as the Swedish Inheritance Fund, can be developed and strengthened.


Research funding bodies

  • Swedish Inheritance Fund (Allmänna arvsfonden)