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Post stroke fatigue

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In progress 2020 - 2027


Ylva Nilsagård

Research subject

Stroke is one of our most common diseases. Many people suffering stroke recover well physically but are affected by post stroke fatigue (PSF). It is a cumbersome type of fatigue that can make it difficult to be in cluttered environments, to work and to participate in leisure activities. Although PSF is a major problem, there is still great uncertainty regarding cause, occurrence, prognosis and treatment. Studies show that people who suffer from stroke generally are lesser fit compared to healthy individuals. In recent years, fitness training has been highlighted as an important part of stroke rehabilitation. The purposes of the planned dissertation are to investigate how PSF develops over time and its connection to the degree of physical activity, and to explore how relatives are affected by living with a person with PSF. The aim is also to evaluate if an intervention with cardio training can reduce PSF. 

Research funding bodies

  • Norrbacka Eugenia Foundation
  • Regional Research Council Mid Sweden