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Pandemic Rhetoric (PAR)

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In progress 2019 - 2023


Joel Rasmussen

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With a focus on the covid-19 crisis, the project Pandemic Rhetoric (PAR) studies the challenges of managing risk and crisis communication in today's digital, multifaceted media landscape. In the Scandinavian project, Örebro University and Associate Professor Joel Rasmussen's contributions are primarily analysis incl. data collection regarding Swedish authorities' risk and crisis communication. He is also responsible for the project dissemination activities with seminars for stakeholders, a final report and conference. The project as a whole also analyzes news media content and citizens' reception and interpretation of authorities' and the media's messages in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. The project thus contributes new knowledge about the dynamics and communication strategies in a protracted crisis and about the interaction between authorities, media and citizens that has been studied for a long time in risk and crisis communication research.


Research funding bodies

  • The Research Council of Norway