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CCC - Centre for Crisis Communication


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Brigitte Mral

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  • Humanities-Social sciences

The Centre for Crisis Communication (CCC) is a multidisciplinary collaboration of Rhetoric and Media and Communication Studies with the overarching goal of increasing societal safety in regard to risk and crisis scenarios. CCC aims to strengthen and profile crisis communication as an academic field through research, education and cooperation.

Knowledge in the field of crisis communication needs to be improved nationally and the communicative perspectives provided by Rhetorics and Media and Communication Studies are well suited to increase knowledge of crisis communication, which in turn will strengthen research in the two disciplines. CCC therefore aims to gather and strengthen research on crisis communication nationally as well as strengthening the fields of Rhetorics and Media and Communication Studies both nationally and internationally. Thus CCC can offer a united forum for the presentation of research and further position Örebro University as a national and international centre for research on crisis communication.

Since CCC aims to improve societal safety it is not enough to research and present results to other crisis communication researchers. Results should be presented and explained to a larger circle. In order to achieve this, the CCC endeavours to develop and establish crisis communication in academic education, develop commissioned education and coaching and offer crisis exercises and evaluations. The goal is that active practitioners as well as students – future practitioners – will directly benefit from the increased knowledge of crisis communication.


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