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Rape and Sexual Violence in Conflict and Post-Conflict Zones (2014-2018)

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Sofia Strid

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The aim of this project is to contribute towards a knowledge base for stopping rape and sexual violence in conflict and post conflict zones. 
Rape shatters lives. Its traumatising effects can linger for many years after the immediate pain and suffering. Rape is a consequence and a cause of gender inequality. It is an injury to health; a crime; a violation of women’s human rights; and costly to both the economy and society.Stopping rape requires changes to many policies and practices. There is no simple solution; rather, a myriad of reforms are needed to prevent rape. New policies are being innovated around the world, north and south, which are often intended to prevent rape and to support victims/survivors simultaneously. This project analyses these policies and systems, and presents possible directions forward. 


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  • European Commission