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Authorities work with people living with a double vulnerability - honour related violence and oppression in relation to prostitution and human trafficking

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In progress 2021 - 2022


Susanne Strand

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The Swedish Gender Equality Agency has a government directive to focus on strengthening the work to prevent children, youths, and adults from being exploited in prostitution and human trafficking. Within the directive, the Swedish Gender Equality Agency shall also make people with disabilities and their vulnerabilities when it comes to honor-related violence and human trafficking more visible. To strengthen this work the agency wants to examine which interventions that are available for this group.

The goal is to identify what interventions are offered to the groups described above. The results will make up the groundwork for the Swedish Gender Equality Agency and the Swedish Expert Team. They will then spread knowledge to social services, health care, and other professionals.

Against this background, the Swedish Gender Equality Agency has assigned the task of examining the interventions to Örebro University and Karlstad University.