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Music and Right-Wing Radicalism in Contemporary Society

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In progress 2019 - 2023


Sam de Boise

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This project explores the formation of music preferences and aesthetic judgments of those associated with contemporary far-right radical movements. This is important given that music has been one of the main ways in which young people particularly come into contact with radical right-wing politics. Music has also been one of the main ways in which radical right politics has sought to build political support and has helped finance radical-rightwing networks. Whilst historically there has been a focus of the music of radical right authoritarian regimes (most obviously 1930s Naziism in Germany), as well as radical right-wing music scenes associated with Nazi punk and National Socialist Black Metal (NSBM) in the 1990s and 2000s, this project looks at diversifying judgments around musical quality and style in predominantly online radical right spaces today.