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Occupational particle exposure: Different environments, but the same risks?

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In progress 2022 - 2024


Alexander Hedbrant

Research subject

Particulate matter (PM) exposure is a health concern in different industries but it is not obvious how different PM interacts with the cells in our body, and through that interaction affect different biological systems that could cause health concerns. In this project, PM exposure in different metal industries will be studied, including welding, iron foundries, hard metal industry and 3D-printing. The relationship between PM exposure and blood biomarkers for different biological systems will be studied, including effects on inflammation, cardio-pulmonary effects, and effects on liver or kidney. The study will provide insights on what biological systems that are affected by occupational PM exposure, and if the effects are industry-dependent or if similar effects can be observed independent of occupation. 

Research funding bodies

  • AFA Insurance


  • Christopher Engström, Mälardalens universitet
  • Helen Karlsson, Linköpings universitet
  • Ing-Liss Bryngelsson, Region Örebro län
  • Lena Andersson, Region Örebro län
  • Maria Assenhöj, Region östergötland
  • Stefan Ljunggren, Region östergötland