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Violent Girls. Girls' Violence in News Media from the 1980s to Today.

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Anna-Karin Larsson

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This interdisciplinary project aims to increase knowledge about girls' violence in Swedish news media from the 1980s to the present day by analyzing portrayals of girls' violence. The study seeks to answer questions about how girls' violence and girls engaging in violence are depicted in newspapers, how these portrayals change over time, and what significance gender and other intersectional categorizations such as class, ethnicity, and age have for the representation.

The hope is to contribute to greater awareness of girls' violence and to identify areas where the media and other actors can improve and provide more nuanced portrayals. This can lead to the development of information campaigns and initiatives for change to protect girls' rights through fair and non-stereotypical representations in the media.

Research funding bodies

  • Örebro University