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Placental determinants for fetal growth with and without preeclampsia

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Maria Lodefalk

The expression of 22 candidate genes belonging to the insulin/IGF, PPARs and adiponectin systems are investigated in more than 200 placental samples divided into 3 groups: neonates born LGA, SGA or AGA (large, small or adequate for gestational age). Differentially expressed genes will be validated on the protein level by immunohistochemical methods in placenta and by ELISA in cord blood and maternal serum from the 1st trimester.

The microRNAome in placental samples with and without preeclampsia will be deep sequenced and then analyzed by bioinformatics.

 The aim is to increase our knowledge on mechanisms involved in aberrant fetal growth and behind the serious pregnancy complication preeclampsia, which is a common cause for poor fetal growth and originates in the placentation.

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