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Epidemiology and Genetic epidemiology

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Jonas Halfvarson

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Epidemiology may be used as an instrument to characterize mechanisms related to the pathogenesis of complex diseases such as Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD). We have a long history of epidemiological studies in the field of inflammatory bowel diseases including microscopic colitis. At present we have several research projects exploring various aspects of the epidemiology of IBD using data from the Swedish national quality registry for IBD (SWIBREG), Swedish national registries and the Örebro IBD cohort.  

Research funding bodies

  • Swedish Fund Nyckelfonden


  • Gilaad Kaplan, University of Calgary, Calcary
  • Johan Askling, KI, Stockholm
  • Johan Burisch, North Zealand Hospital, Frederikssund
  • Jonas Ludvigsson, KI, Stockholm
  • Marte Lie Hoivik, Oslo University Hospital
  • Michael Sachs, KI, Stockholm
  • Ola Olén, KI, Stockholm
  • Tine Jess, Statens Serum Institut, Copenhagen