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Further development of the Assisting Hand Assessment (AHA)

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Marie Holmefur

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The Assisting Hand Assessment (AHA) is an assessment instrument with the purpose to measure and describe how effectively children with a unilateral impariment in arm and hand use their affected hand in bimanual activities. Within this project the AHA was recently validated in a new version (AHA 5.0) and the age span extended to 18 months to 18 years for children and youth with unilateral cerebral palsy. During 2016-22 the AHA 5.0 will be validated for children and youth with unilateral plexus palsy. 




Assisting Hand Assessment test kit


Research funding bodies

  • Norrbacka Eugenia Foundation


  • Ann-Kristin Elvrum, Norges Tekniske-Naturvitenskapelige Universitet
  • Lena Krumlinde Sundholm, Karolinska institutet, Stockholm