Economics, Strategic Decisions, Intermediate Course, 7.5 Credits

Many of the economic decisions we make every day, are taken under uncertainty what the outcome of our decisions will be. In some environments we may use various types of insurances to handle risk, in other environments we face uncertainty due to the potential for strategic interdependence. The utility or payoff an agent receives depends not only on the agents own actions but also on the actions of other agents. One purpose of the course is to give knowledge about how one may use economic theory and game theory to understand human behavior in such situations. The course includes analysis of voting mechanisms, , behavior in duopoly, actions under monopoly and behavior in various types of auctions. Some of the issues will be analyzed in terms of laboratory experiments. A second purpose of the course is to extend the students' knowledge in consumer theory and production theory.
Assessment: Written examination

ECTS Credits

7.5 Credits

Level of education

First cycle, has less than 60 credits in first-cycle course/s as entry requirements (G1F)


Örebro University School of Business

When is the course offered?

Prerequisites: Successful completion of at least 22,5 credits on the course Economics, Basic Course, 30 Credits, including Microeconomics, 7,5 credits and Macroeconomics, 7,5 credits.
12 credits on the course Basic Statistics, 15 credits and 3 credits on the course Data Mining and Business Analytics, Basic Course
12 credits on the course Basic Statistics, 15 Credits and 1,5 credits on the course Statistics, Regression Analysis, Basic Course, 7,5 Credits.

Selection: Academic points

Course syllabus

Application code: X2819