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Instruction digital take home exam in WISEflow

Within 24 hours after signing up for exam in Studenttjänster, you will recieive an e-mail from WISEflow. Try to login to WISEflow so that you are familiar with the system before time for exam.

The e-mail from WISEflow contains information on what flowtype your exam will be written in (FLOWassign or FLOWmulti).

  • Take home-exam in WISEflow does not use the FLOWlock browser. You can use any computer to write your exam.
  • If you get an error message when trying to login, please contact   This is an email address
  • Contact This is an email address for other questions regarding WISEflow.
  • If you need technical support during your exam, call 019-30 34 95.
  • If your exam extends one day, please send an e-mail to This is an email address if you need support.