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Book a venue at Örebro University – student associations

Students at Örebro University may book group rooms in the KronoX app using their ORU account. To book classrooms, lecture halls or display tables on campus you need to submit a booking request to the Student Services Centre using the form below.

Please note that Örebro University only will approve booking requests made by student associations, not by individual students. Individual students may book group rooms in the KronoX app or with the help of their student association (such as ESN).

Book venues at Örebro University

1. Contact information

Type of student association:

2. Information about the activity's purpose and scope

Is it possible that the activity will interfere with regular activities:
What type of facility is required to carry out the activity?
Will extra services be required:

2b. Describe which extra services are required

Please note that extra services, such as caretakers and cleaning services, could result in a fee for the organiser. The fee depends on needs of the organiser and the number of working hours required in order to cater to those needs.

Select which extra services are required:
Cleaning services:

Please ask if you are unsure:

  • Cleaning services: This is an email address
  • Security: This is an email address
  • Technician: This is an email address
  • Janitor/Caretaker: This is an email address

3. Venue requirements

3. Display table requirements

3. Venue/space requirements

4. Date and time

Specify which date and at what time your activity will take place. Please note that you can view the availability of specific rooms and halls in Kronox.

Please note that classrooms and lecture halls must be booked in relation to regular lecture sessions. This means that it is only possible to make bookings from quarter past the hour. Two examples of this is a lunch session from 12:15-13:00 or a regular lecture session from 08:15-10:00.


When submitting, I consent to Örebro University processing the personal data I have entered in the booking request form, for the purpose of booking resources at Örebro University. The data is processed in the system EpiServer for two years after which weeding takes place. Any data provided can be changed and even deleted, following contact with This is an email address.

More information on how Örebro University processes personal data can be found on the webpage Processing of personal data at Örebro University.

I accept: