AI Innovation Hackathon Event

17 maj 2024 12:00 — 20 maj 2024 13:00 Labbet, ORU Innovation Arena


The goal of this event is to attract, identify and nurture the entrepreneurial talents at the Örebro University. This will be done by connecting students with the AI projects developed by the researchers at Örebro University in collaboration with the industry. The event is arranged by The Innovation Office at Örebro University in collaboration with the AI Impact Lab.

Who can apply?

We are looking for motivated and curious problem solvers from all disciplines who are interested in AI and would like to explore the possibilities that AI can bring to the future.

How to apply? (Application Deadline: 15 May, 2024)

Each team at the hackathon will consist of 2 members from a variety of educational backgrounds. While you are encouraged to apply together as a team, it is absolutely fine to apply as a single candidate and we will form teams with similar candidates. 

Register to the event here.

What will I get?

  • The winning team will receive a special prize as well as a direct invitation to the Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) Program. During the EIR program, both the students will receive a salary for 120 hours to work on an innovation AI project between June-August 2024. During the EIR program, you can for example extend your results from the AI Hackathon in a more structured and formal approach through the support of the Örebro University Innovation office and Inkubera.
  • All the participating students will receive 2 movie tickets per student.
  • Selected teams will receive a prioritized entry into the EIR program.
  • You will get a crash course in pitching your ideas and innovation processes.
  • Uninterrupted access to a cool laboratory space at the university.
  • You will be provided with enough coffee, tea, pizza, and other food with techno music.
  • A fun weekend with other cool students with a similar mindset.


AI Innovation Hackathon Program

17 May, 2024

  • 12:00-13:00: Lunch and opening talk
  • 13:00-13:15: General Task Description with the rules
  • 13:15-14:00: Project presentations by the researchers/need owners
  • 14:00-20:00: Hackathon
  • 20:00-21:00: Dinner break
  • The day concludes when the last student leaves.
  • (Ravi will be present until the end to answer any questions)

18-19 May, 2024

  • 09:00-18:00: Hackathon resumes at the Labbet with lunch and dinner breaks.
  • (Ravi will be present until the end to answer any questions)

20 May, 2024

  • 10:00-11:00: Student Presentations
  • 11:00-11:30: Judges will discuss and decide the results
  • 11:30-12:00: Prize distribution ceremony
  • 12:00-13:00: Lunch


Application Deadline: 15 May, 2024

Application process: Register to the event here

Venue: Labbet, Örebro University