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Dag Balkmar

Title: Senior Lecturer School/office: School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences


Phone: +46 19 301281

Room: F3256

Dag Balkmar

About Dag Balkmar

Dag Balkmar is Associate Professor (Docent) and Senior Lecturer in Gender Studies.

His research is foremost qualitative, with emphasis on qualitative interviews, ethnographic fieldwork and policy analysis. His research encompasses areas such as: 1) Intersectionality, policy and violence, 2) Studies of men, masculinities, technology and motor cultures, 3) mobilities, transport politics and cycle activism, 4) interactive gender equality work in organizations.


Teaching in gender studies, mainly on gender, power and politics.

Ongoing projects

  • Gear up! Implementing a model for diversity and inclusion (2019-2021). Collaboration with the Volvo Group. With Anne-Charlott Callerstig, Gender studies, Örebro University; Susanne Andersson, Stockholm University (PI). Finansed by Sweden’s innovation agency (Vinnova).
  • Genomförbarhetsstudie av elvägspilot E22 (Study on the feasibility of electrical road E22 ) coordinated by NetPort Science Park in cooperation with BTH, RISE, Ernst & Young and Örebro University. Financend by The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket).
  • Circular economy by upgraded aggregates and demolition material (2019-2021). Collaboration with, amongst others, Swerock AB. Togheter with Anne-Charlott Callerstig, Gender Studies, Örebro Universiy, in collaboration with Maira Babri, Per Carlborg, and Frans Prenkert, Örebro University School of Business. Financed by Sweden’s innovation agency (Vinnova).


Previous projects

  • Gender Academy (2019-2020). Collaboration with companies in Värmland, Sweden. With, among others, Anne-Charlott Callerstig, Gender studies, Örebro University; Ulf Mellström, Karlstad University (PI). Financed by The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket).
  • Trucks for all: Developing norm-critical innovation at Volvo funded by Vinnova. The results of the project on how norms can hinder innovation ability have made evident the importance of establishing a norm-critical perspective to meet future challenges with relation to work environments, planned users and innovation processes.
  • 4D: Doing Driving, Doing Design. Gender, Age and Transport Practices. Research leader: prof. Jeff Hearn. Financed by Vinnova, Linköping University and Luleå University of Technology (2007-2013).
  • Hegemonic masculinities and men in Sweden and South Africa: Theorising power and change. Research leader: prof. Jeff Hearn. Financed by the Swedish Research Council within the Swedish Research Links Programme (2009-2012).


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  • Balkmar, D. (2009). Manlighetens pyspunka. Göteborg: Nationella sekretariatet för genusforskning, Göteborgs universitet.