WISEflow for teaching staff

Örebro university has been using the system WISEflow to conduct digital exams since October 2018.

Video instructions

Instruction videos on FLOWmulti (interactive exams).

The videos are in Swedish but there are English subtitles available.

Create a Filebased exam where students hand in their exams within a PDF.

The instruction videos are in Swedish but there are English subtitles available.

Working with digital exams

Examination types

  • FLOWmulti (interactive exams)
  • FLOWlock (text-based hall exams)
  • FLOWassign (home exams)
  • FLOWcombine (exams in several parts)


  • The administrative framework – describing the entire examination process from beginning to end.


  • Individual exam in editable mode

Published assignment

  • An individual exam ready for submission – this is locked against further editing

Content bank

  • A library of exam questions


  • A digital page, often containing one question

Associated Flows

  • The examination you associate/connect your published assignment to.

Roles in WISEflow

  • Author
    The role teachers use to create questions and exams.
  • Assessor
    The role teachers use to assess exams.
  • Reviewer
    The role examiners use to review and submit final exam assessments. It is possible to create ‘read only’ reviewers. You might use this for example when a course administrator should be able to see colleagues' assessments, but not make their own assessment.
  • The exam type:
    • FLOWmulti (interactive exams)
    • FLOWlock (text-based hall exams)
    • FLOWassign (home exams)
    • FLOWcombine (exams with several parts)
  • Assessment and reviewer settings
    • Name of the assessor and how assessment is distributed
  • Will additional material be used in the exam?
    • Video 
    • Links to whitelisted webpages
  • Should students have access to additional tools?
    • Drawing tools
    • Webcams
    • Code editors
    • File upload

Contact digitaltenta@oru.se with any technical or educational support questions.


Erik Sundström

Position: Application Administrator School/office: Department for Digitalisation and IT

Profile page: Erik Sundström

Email: ZXJpay5zdW5kc3Ryb207b3J1LnNl

Phone: +46 19 303021

Room: L1313B

Pedagogical developers

Petronella Ekström

Position: Educational Developer School/office: Faculty Office

Profile page: Petronella Ekström

Email: cGV0cm9uZWxsYS5la3N0cm9tO29ydS5zZQ==

Phone: +46 19 301422

Room: L2116

Petronella Ekström

Anna Hultgren

Position: Educational Developer School/office: Faculty Office

Profile page: Anna Hultgren

Email: YW5uYS5odWx0Z3JlbjtvcnUuc2U=

Phone: +46 19 302130

Room: L2116

Anna Hultgren

Create questions and finalize your exam (Author)

FLOWmulti is used to build interactive exams with the possibility of including several different types of questions, for example multiple-choice and essay questions - in total there are 48 available question types. You have also the opportunity to include types of media in your exam, such as audio and video.

Link to instruction.

FLOWlock and FLOWassign are file-based exams - where exam content is typically within a PDF.

There are three steps to creating a FLOWlock/FLOWassign exam:

  • Create an assignment and upload a PDF with exam questions
  • Preview and publish the assignment
  • Attach your published assignment to the relevant flow.

Link to instructions.

Associated Flows

The tab Associated flows has a list of active flows, where you have been added as an author. These flows are made by managers, who want you, as an author, to add published assignments to their flow.

  1. Open Author tab and select Associated Flows
    Choose Auther,  Associated Flows.
  2. By clicking on the little arrow to the right of the flow header you can open a flow and see it’s details. At the bottom of the details you have the opportunity to add a reference code and attach it to the flow. You can also click on the magnifying glass to search available assignments.
    Open a Flow
  3. To choose an assignment, click ‘+’ on the far right of the assignment name to add your assignment to the examination.Search for an assignment.

Your exam is now connected to the Flow.

Assessing exams in WISEflow (Assessor)

Assessments in FLOWlock/FLOWassign can be done in two different ways.

  • Ratings are assigned manually
    A grade is manually awarded to each individual student
  • The system itself converts points into grades
    If points are awarded during the assessment, the system can total a student's achieved points and convert these into grades.

Link to instruction.

You are the sole assessor of an examination and have access to the entire exam.

Link to instructions.

You are one of several assessors who will review an examination. You only have access to the questions you are to assess. 

Link to instructions.