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This is the simplest way of making your donation (if you’re based in Sweden). There is a separate Swish number for each of our three focus areas.

  1. Örebro University Research: Swish your donation to 123 487 46 57.
  2. Örebro University Student Experience: Swish your donation to 123 654 33 75.
  3. An Open Gift* to Örebro University: Swish your donation to 123 224 86 31.

Leaving your message field empty will mean we will treat it as a general donation within that area, and the University will allocate it to best effect. If you wish to direct your money to a specific project or concern within that area, then you can do this by writing details in the Swish message field.

*Open gifts can support any area of the University's work and mission. The University will allocate this for the best effect at the time of dispursement.

Read more about how we manage, store and safeguard the data you provide to us by making a donation.

Tim Stubbings

Position: Coordinator School/office: Communication and Collaboration

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Phone: +46 19 303158

Room: E2255

Tim Stubbings