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By naming Örebro University as a beneficiary in your Will, you can have a lasting and meaningful impact on our work, researchers and students long into the future.

Leaving a legacy to us in your Will is a deeply personal decision and a very real celebration of your life, interests and beliefs.

You are welcome to support us in any way you wish. However as circumstances, priorities and needs within society and the University change over time, we usually recommend that you keep the stated purpose of your gift relatively general. For example, linking it to one of our three broad funding areas – research, student experience or open gifts.

This means that in the years to come you can be sure that we are able to make the absolute most of your gift to us and guarantee its impact within society. Of course, whatever you decide to support at the University, we will always do our best to enact it, and we thank you for your support.

Gifts from wills might include money, shares, property, investment funds or valuables.

However, whatever the size or type of your gift, be assured that we will use it wisely for the benefit of future generations.


  • When naming us as a beneficiary be sure to write our name correctly ('Örebro universitet' in Swedish) as well as include our organization number 202100-2924.
  • We absolutely recognize that those closest to you come first in your Will.
  • Your Will is an important document that should accurately reflect your wishes. Therefore we recommend that you talk to someone who can provide guidance, particularly regarding the legal aspects - for example, your bank or family lawyer.
  • Considering the risk of a conflict of interests, we are not able to help with the preparation of wills. However, we are happy to answer general questions and give advice on areas you might want to support at Örebro University.

If the scale of a legacy allows, we will commemorate the gift by installing a plaque in a suitable location – for example by one of the 60 new cherry and pear trees we are planting on Almby campus.

If you do not specify a specific funding area in your Will then the University will treat your donation as an Open Gift.

Read more about how we manage, store and safeguard the data you provide to us by making a donation.

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