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Johanna Gustafsson

Position: Senior Lecturer School/office: School of Health Sciences


Phone: +46 19 303948

Room: P1213

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About Johanna Gustafsson

Johanna Gustafsson (b. 1975) is a senior lecturer/associate professor at Örebro University. Currently she is a post-doc in a Marie Sklodowska Curie Individual Fellowship at OsloMet.  Johanna has a master's degree in behavioral science with psychology as a major, from 2003 and a PhD in Disability Science from 2014, at Örebro University.


Johanna's main focus in research is vocational rehabilitation and working life for people with disabilities, with a special interest in the Supported employment (SE) methods. She is currently involved as a researcher in several different projects which concern Supported employment and gender, health and wellbeing factors for people with hearing impairment in working life as well as for nurses, implementation of Supported employment, and Solution-focused dialogue methods and health in Upper secondary education, the social services practices concerning people with disabilities experiencing violence in close relationships, and validation of ICF core sets for hearing loss.


Johanna's teaching assignments are both at the undergraduate level in the Audiologist program and in the Occupational Therapist program, and at the advanced level, on doctoral courses in Disability Science. She mainly teaches in subjects related to her research topics and research methods.

Johanna is currently supervising five doctoral students:

Ingrid Witte since 2019 (assistant supervisor)

Lena Uvhagen since 2022 (assistant supervisor)

Sofie Adaszak since 2022 (assistant supervisor)

Filippa Klint since 2022 (assistant supervisor)

Evelina Karvonen since 2023 (assistant supervisor)

Collaborations and assignments

Johanna has several national and international assignments and collaborations. Since 2016, she is the Swedish expert in the Academic Network of Experts in Disability (ANED), which reports to the European Commission. She is also an international expert in INTEGRATE, a research program at Oslo Metropolitan University.

Johanna has been involved in different assignments in the Swedish welfare sector. In recent years, she has had assignments as process support in the project Breddad Rekrytering which is run by SALAR, evaluator of Arvsfonden's Egen Kraft project, evaluator in the Implementation of Supported employment at Jobbtorg Stockholm, co-researcher in "Research project in collaboration to describe and strengthen health among unaccompanied adolescents and staff at HVB homes and in three Swedish municipalities" and in the SIM project (Solution-focused Intervention for Mental Health among students in Upper secondary education). Johanna has also had several different national and international assignments related to disability issues.


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