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Hearing loss in the working life - a salutogenic perspective

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In progress 2017 - 2019


Sarah Granberg

Research subject

The aim of the current project is to identify health factors, or salutogenic factors, that contribute to a sustainable working life (i.e. to be established and to be active in the work force) of persons with hearing loss (HL).

Two study designs will be carried out; a quantitative cross sectional study (study I) and a qualitative study using the interviewing technique (study II). The studies will investigate which health-, life-, and work factors that increase the probability for persons with HL to be in the work force. The results from study I and II will undergo a methasynthesis to interpret the results further. As a conceptual framework in the project, the ICF will be used to classify salutogenic factors in the target group. The overall aim in the current project is to contribute to the increased and equal rights to full participation in the working life for persons HL.

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Research funding bodies

  • The Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare (FORTE)