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ICF- core sets for hearing loss; validation and operationalization of Brief ICF-Core set for hearing loss into a self-assessment instrument

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Elina Mäki-Torkko

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This project consists of four separate studies and is part of Elin Karlsson's doctoral thesis, which you can read here.

The aim of the first study is to validate the first version of the ICF brief core set for hearing loss. The aim of the second study is to develop an instrument for self-assessment of functioning and to investigate the content validly of the items in the instrument. In the third study the aim is to test the reliability and other psychometric aspects of the instrument. Finally the aim of the fourth study is to test the interrater reliability of the instrument. The methodology of the first, third and fourth study will be quantitative using rash analysis, interrater tests and test-retest methodology. The second study will have a mixed method and consist of two parts. Firstly experts in the field will be invited to a workshop where the items for a quantitative instrument will be developed. In the second part of study two, a qualitative methodology will be used and subjects will reflect about how they experience the content of the items. Studies will be conducted in collaboration with researchers from South Africa, Canada, USA and Indien.