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Leadership for a sustainable digital work environment - technology strategies and the borders or work life

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Karin Hedström

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The new digital work environment with the risks it poses for increased stress and the impact on psychosocial factors is evident. This means that leadership is central to a sustainable digital work environment, not least within the school, where the use of social media is part of many students' everyday lives and teachers use social media in teaching or to communicate with their students.

In the project, we will explore how management and leadership can be designed to exploit the benefits of social media and at the same time create a sustainable digital work environment for employees and managers in schools. The project is based on an action research approach where researchers, together with teachers and school leaders from three schools, develop adapted working methods based on the needs of the participating organisations.

The project is expected to present a framework for management and control of a sustainable digital work environment in schools. Another expected result is learning about digital work environment which can make a concrete and practical contribution to the schools' continued work environment work and work environment plans.

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  • AFA Insurance


  • Carl-Johan Sommar
  • Maria MÃ¥rtensson Hansson
  • Steffi Siegert