Plant based food processing

AI genererad bild pÄ en person som jobbar med processad vÀxtproteiner

The research area builds and uses the food science toolbox for the systematic characterisation of plant-based proteins in terms of (micro)structure, bioavailability, digestion and fermentation within the frame of a meal containing dietary fibre and the intestinal ecosystem, unique for each individual and changing during the life course. A limited number of relevant protein sources will be selected as “model proteins”: oat, soya, and pea, with chicken meat as the animal-based reference. This will facilitate a rapid development and validation of the toolbox.

This research area is led by Prof. Maud Langton at The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and associate leader Prof. Marie Alminger at Chalmers University of Technology (CTH). Scientist from both SLU, CTH, RISE, and ORU are involed, as well as representatives from main participating non-academic organisations such as Lantmännen, Orkla AB, Lyckeby, and Many Ways AB.