Consumer behavior and acceptance of plant proteins

Bild på en ritat huvud med grönsaker

The research area will assess the sensory and meal perception attributes connected to food containing the model proteins and dietary fibres. Detailed investigations to determine the choice of food containing plant-based proteins, in terms of drivers and hinders, both at individual and group levels (e.g. social reinforcement in Area 5) will also be performed. This area uses the biological assessments from Area 2, with which it shares a number of participants. Furthermore, it aims to widen knowledge on consumer behavior towards political consumerism.

This research area is led by Ass. Prof. Nicklas Neuman at Uppsala University (UU) and associate leader Dr. Jun Niimi at RISE. Scientists from UU, RISE and ORU are involved, as well as main participating non-academic organisations such as Lantmännen, Orkla AB, GE Healthcare Sweden AB and Örebro Municipality.