Health aspects linked to plantbased protein

Tarm med grönsaker

This research area builds and uses the biomolecular and biomedical toolbox for the systematic characterisation of so-called surrogate markers of gut, metabolic and mental health in response to short-term dietary interventions with food products containing the model proteins and dietary fibres of Area 1. These lifestyle-associated health targets are chosen as they are important to consumers, the food industry, and public health and health care organisations.

They share important common physiological pathways, substantially facilitating the feasibility of the studies. This research area has a human in vivo and precision nutrition approach; phenotypically well-characterised subjects, representing various phases during the life course, are enrolled in the studies. While many parts of the toolbox are already in clinical research use, some novel precision nutrition-directed methods will be developed.

This research area is led by Prof. Anna Ström at Chalmers University of Technology (CTH) and associate leader Dr. Rebecca Wall at Örebro University (ORU). Scientists from CTH, RISE and ORU are involved, as well as main participating non-academic organisations such as Lantmännen, Orkla AB, BioGaia AB, and GE Healthcare Sweden.