X-HiDE Narrative

- some highlights from its establishment and progression

Feb 2024
PhD student Sofia Skröder joins the X-HiDE team.

Sept. 2023
X-HiDE recruited Post Doc Elizabeth Cardenas arrives at ORU and joins the X-HiDE team.

April 2023
Theme Low-grade inflammation gets additional expertise by the addition of Ulrika Hylén - a researcher in the field of Immunopsychiatry, with a special focus on the impact of the NLRP3 inflammasome in psychiatric disorders.

January 2023
William Lövfors has joined X-HiDE as a joint postdoc with Linköping university. William will work with mathematical modelling.

December 2022
Samira Salihovic and Daniel Eklund become senior lecturers!

Nov 2022
Liza Ljungberg joins the X-HiDE team as coordinator of Team low-grade.

Oct. 2022
X-HiDE organizes the 1st conference “Inflammation in focus” that attracts a large number of participants interested in inflammation research

Feb 2022
First X-HiDE paper accepted and to be published in Journal of Leukocyte Biology

Fall 2021
X-HiDE recruited Ioannis Parodis

Spring 2021
Students from Örebro University and Linköping University perform BSc/MSc thesis work in projects linked to X-HiDE research.

First educational integration when X-HiDE partner Sprint Bioscience teaches at the masters programme of Experimental Medicine.

Assistant senior lecturer Samira Salihovic joins Theme Resolution bringing valuable competence in metabolomics.

May 2021
X-HiDE recruited Post Doc Nilofaar Nickaeen arrives at ORU and joins Theme Chronic Inflammation.

Feb. 2021
X-HiDE recruited Post Doc Klemen Camernik arrives at ORU and joins Theme Chronic Inflammation.

Nov. 2020
New collaborator Antje Thonig strengthens WP1 experimental capacity.

July 2020
X-HiDE’s first PhD student Kaya Tuerxun joins Theme Immunoparalysis. 

X-HiDE kick-off at Örebro University.

Official start of X-HiDE.

The X-HiDE contract was signed by Örebro University and the Knowledge Foundation.