Opportunities to apply for the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships 2019 (MSCA IF) at Örebro University

Are you:

A researcher looking for new research opportunities abroad?

Funding through the MSCA IF provides the opportunity for researchers to add a new dimension to their CV'S with the acquisition of new skills and knowledge as well as exposure to new disciplines and sectors and access to international networks. Learn more about the MSCA IF here.

Option 1

If you already have a contact at Örebro University who could potentially act as your supervisor please contact them directly.

Please also refer to the how to apply page on oru.se.

Option 2

Find out which research groups at Örebro University are interested in attracting new  researchers (known as Fellows) through the MSCA IF Individual Fellowship scheme.

Option 3

Alternatively, you can also complete our online inquiry form (closed for the season, come back later). Please make sure that you refer to the list of research environments and research groups at Örebro University.