The Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions – Individual Fellowships (MSCA IF) supports the mobility of researchers within and beyond Europe.

The MSCA IF aims to equip researchers with the necessary skills and international experience for a successful career, either in the public or the private sector. The programme responds to the challenges sometimes faced by researchers, offering them attractive working conditions and the opportunity to move between academic and other settings.

Individual Fellowships proposals are judged on their research quality, the researcher's future career prospects, and the support offered by the host organisation. Fellows can also spend part of the fellowship elsewhere in Europe if this would boost impact, and those restarting their career in Europe benefit from special eligibility conditions.

Who can apply?

Prior to the call deadline (9 September 2020), the researcher (fellow) should have a doctoral degree or at least four years' full-time research experience. Supervisors are also required to demonstrate their experience. More on who can apply.

Fellows, who can apply? (Standard European Fellowship) EF-ST

  • An incoming researcher (fellow) must come from another country.
  • Any Nationality can apply.
  • Researchers may not have resided or carried out their main activity in the country of their host organisation for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately before the reference date (the call deadline). This means that you can apply for researchers who have recently moved here from another country.
  • To be eligible, a fellow must have a PhD or 4 years’ research experience.

Mobility rules for the Career Restart Panel (EF-CAR) and Reintegration Panel (EF-RI) can be found here.

Project Supervisor

Each application requires a project supervisor i.e. the person who will be responsible for supporting the researcher (fellow) during their fellowship.

To help find potential supervisors at Örebro University please refer to the list of research groups, research environments and research subjects at Örebro University.

Supervisor's experience

In regard to a supervisor’s qualifications and experience, the following areas should be addressed (within the application):

  • level of experience on the research topic proposed and track record of work (including main international collaborations)
  • level of experience in supervising researchers
  • participation in projects, publications, patents and any other relevant results.

Types of Individual Fellowships

To apply (to ORU) as an incoming researcher, three options are available,

  • Standard European Fellowships (EF-ST) – for all experienced researchers wishing to pursue their scientific career in another EU Member State or Associated Country
  • Career Restart Panel (EF-CAR) – dedicated to researchers who wish to resume their research career in Europe after a career break of at least 12 months immediately prior to the deadline for submission (e.g. after parental leave, working outside research, etc.)
  • Reintegration Panel (EF-RI) – dedicated to researchers who wish to return and reintegrate into a longer-term research position in Europe.

Which research areas can be funded?

All research areas and disciplines can be funded. A solid match between the host and fellow is a key factor behind a successful and competitive proposal

Costs covered by MSCA IF?

The grant provides an allowance to cover living, travel and family costs. In addition, the EU contributes to the training, networking and research costs of the fellow, as well as to the management and indirect costs of the project. The grant is awarded to the host organisation, in this case, Örebro University
Please refer to the funding table.


Researcher unit cost (person/month)
 Living allowance  4880 EUR*
 Mobility allowance  600 EUR
 Family allowance  500 EUR
Institutional unit cost (person/month)
 Research, training and networking costs  800 EUR
 Management and indirect costs  650 EUR

* A country correction coefficient applies, Sweden 121.8 %.

Further information about the MSCA IF call can be found here.