Why work at Örebro University?

Why work at Örebro University?

A spirit of development is present in every aspect of our operations. Our core mission is to provide education and research. Equally important is finding ways in which the knowledge generated within our organisation can be communicated to and utilised by other stakeholders within industry and commerce as well as in society in general. We strive to be an attractive place for work and studies where students and employees will get a sense of pride and satisfaction from being part of Örebro University.

Working in Sweden

  • There are several good reasons why you should work in Sweden:
  • The Swedish job market offers good terms and extensive rights to employees.
  • Sweden provides a generous welfare system.
  • Your family can get a residence permit when you work here.
  • In Sweden new thinking and innovation are stimulated.
  • Discrimination is prohibited. This applies to employers, employees and applicants for a job.

Working in Örebro

Örebro is located right in the middle of Sweden and with its 750 years of history it is one of the oldest towns in the country. Among its 150,000 inhabitants as much as 165 different countries are represented. Örebro is conveniently close to Stockholm (200 km), Gothenburg and Oslo (both 300 km), and this attractive location makes it a popular site for business and an excellent venue for conferences and trade shows.

Working at Örebro University

As an employee you will share our vision of Örebro University – a prominent university with a broad scientific base, the courage to review and the ability to evolve. Since 1999 we have evolved from being a university college with 12,000 students to a university with 15,000. The majority of the most attractive professional degree programmes are offered here and there is successful research in a broad range of subjects. Over 1,300 employees work at the university.

The commitment of our employees is the driving force of our development and it continues to take our work even further. As an employee you are therefore open to change and willing to commit yourself to fulfil the aim and vision of our university. Together we strive to achieve a working environment which is open and inspiring and where initiative is encouraged and achievement rewarded. We believe in creating a culture of quality which will permeate all our activities.

Educational philosophy

At Örebro University we are convinced that students can and want to take responsibility for their own learning. We invest in physical and digital settings which stimulate active learning, for our students as well as our employees. Out teaching rests upon scientific and well-tried experience and the connection with research is strong. Our researchers are actively engaged in teaching as well as in designing courses and degree programmes. We strive for education where discussion, openness and reflection are promoted. Teaching is developed through regular collegial interaction which is an integrated part of the schools' quality efforts.


Support for incoming employees

We offer support to you who are moving to Örebro to start work at Örebro University. Together with our various partners we offer support regarding:

  • Finding a place to live.
  • Contacts with different authorities, banks and medical services.
  • Finding a kindergarten and school for your children.
  • Understanding Swedish society and Swedish culture through a special introduction programme, social activities organised through the university, as well as information material.
  • Teaching of Swedish specially aimed at the world of academia.
  • Visiting Örebro and Örebro University before you move here.

Employee benefits

  • Salary
    The salary depends on your qualifications and experience. This means that you and your employer will agree on the salary before you enter employment.
  • Generous holiday terms
    You are entitled to holiday from the first year of your employment. Depending on your age you are entitled to 28-35 days of annual leave. If you are employed only part of the year the number of days of annual leave are based on the length of your employment. In addition to your ordinary salary you will also receive an extra payment when you are on holiday.
  • Flexible working hours
    We apply flexible working hours. This means that you yourself have the freedom to plan your working hours, as long as the requirements of the work are fulfilled. In connection with certain public holidays in Sweden your working hours are shortened, which means that you may finish earlier these days.
  • Parent-friendly working place
    If you are on parental leave you will receive a supplementary payment during the first 360 days of your parental leave. In addition you can also shorten your working hours with as much as 25 per cent until your child is 12 years old.
  • Insurances
    As an employee you are covered by a number of insurance policies which are valid in different circumstances: If you are injured at work. If something happens to you, some degree of financial protection is provided for your family. When you are on a business trip, both within Sweden and abroad.
  • Keep-fit activities
    As an employee you are entitled to spend one hour of your regular working hours each week on keep-fit activities. You also get a wellness grant every year, which should be used for physical activity, such as cardio fitness, or activities like yoga or swimming.
  • Occupational health services
    We offer occupational health services. The purpose of the occupational health service is that you as an employee can get help with problems, physical or psychological, which are work related.
  • Compensation in the event of illness
    If you fall ill you will receive supplementary compensation during days 15 to 365 independently of your income. You are entitled to visit a doctor during working hours. You will also be compensated for treatment fees and prescription drugs.
  • Equality and gender equality
    Örebro University endeavours to be a work place of equality. This means that everyone will have the same possibilities and rights to develop and to exercise their influence over their work. Basically it is a question of creating justice and safe working conditions which together will contribute to higher quality of and increased competence within our operations.
  • Programme for employees
    The programme for employees at Örebro University aims at providing you as an employee with increased understanding and knowledge of the organisation. As a new employee you will be well taken care of with an introduction both locally, at your school or department, and centrally.


Guide for international staff

See the following guide for practical information regarding your move/visit to Sweden. We also advise you to visit EURAXESS Sweden, a European network and a web portal that gives on-line information to researchers who are interested in doing research abroad. EURAXESS is also a tool for research institutes and scientific organizations in finding the right international research competence.


Planning your stay

Visa and permits

Depending on what country you travel from and whether it is a member of the EU or not, different rules for visa, residence permits and work permits apply. You can consult the Swedish Migration Agency website to find out more about the different rules. 

About entry visas on the Swedish Migration Agency website
About residence permits for visiting researchers on the Swedish Migration Agency website
About studying on universities or university colleges on the Swedish Migration Agency website 
About working in Sweden and work permits on the Swedish Migration Agency website
About work permits on the Work in Sweden website


Örebro University offers apartments for visiting scholars. Contact your host school for more information. If you are not a visiting scholar we refer you to the local housing company Örebrobostäder, ÖBO, or a private landlord.

Information about housing on the ÖBO website (in Swedish)
Information about private landlords on the Örebro Municipality website (in Swedish)


Healthcare and medical treatment

Medical treatment is expensive in Sweden if you are not insured. You can read more about what applies and what you need to consider in terms of medical insurance on the EURAXESS Sweden website. Remember that those family members who might have accompanied you should also be insured.

Healthcare in Sweden on EURAXESS Sweden website

Home insurance

To have your belongings insured you are recommended to take out a home insurance. If anything is broken or stolen in your home you are obliged to pay for the damage.

Getting here

Information about getting to Örebro and Örebro University

Bring your family

If you plan to take your family with you they may need a visa or a residence permit, depending on their citizenship and the length of their stay. They should also have medical insurance that is valid in Sweden. If your partner wants to work in Sweden you will find information about the job situation in the country on the website Eures.

Eures website


If you have children you should apply for kindergarten and school as soon as possible.

Information about Swedish schools and preschools, parental and children benefits and spouse support on the EURAXESS Sweden website.
Childcare and Education at Örebro on the Örebro Municipality website (in Swedish)

Getting settled

It is important that you as soon as possible register with Swedish authorities such as the Swedish Migration Agency, the Swedish Tax Agency and the Swedish Social Insurance Agency. Through these you will then get a personal identity number, ID card and access to medical treatment.

Moving to Sweden at the Swedish Tax Agency
Move to Sweden on the Swedish Social Insurance Agency

Banking and payment services

Before you travel you must check whether you have a bank card that is vaIid in Sweden. To be able to pay with the bank card you must have a pin code connected with your card. The use of cheques as a means of payment is very limited in Sweden.

If you plan to stay in Sweden for a longer period it may be a good idea to open a Swedish bank account to which you can connect a Swedish bank card. Terms and conditions for opening a bank account vary depending on the bank.

Information about banking on EURAXESS Sweden website

Postal Services

To get mail and packages delivered to your home address, your name, street name, house number as well as postal code and town must be clearly indicated on the letter or package. Large packages you will have to collect yourself at specified pick-up points, such as grocery stores and petrol stations.

The PostNord website

Health and Medical care

In the event of an emergency call 112. This number goes straight to the ambulance, police and rescue services. You get to talk with an emergency operator who will ask what has happened and where you are.

The healthcare hotline, 1177 Vårdguiden, offers free round-the-clock service for information and advice concerning medical issues. You reach them by dialling 1177.

1177 Vårdguiden website

There are several primary health care centres and hospitals with emergency wards in the Örebro region.

About Healthcare on the Region Örebro County website

Medical treatment is expensive in Sweden if you are not insured. You can read more about what applies and what you need to consider in terms of medical insurance on the EURAXESS Sweden website. Remember that those family members who might have accompanied you should also be insured.

Health and medical care on the EURAXESS Sweden website
Health insurance on the EURAXESS Sweden website

Healthcare at the university

When work-related problems occur the occupational health services, the Campus Health Centre, is available at the university.


Non-prescription drugs are available at pharmacies as well as at certain supermarkets, grocery stores and petrol stations. You will need a prescription for stronger medicines and antibiotics. These are available only at pharmacies.


In Örebro you can either consult the national dentist health service, Folktandvården, which is a part of Region Örebro County, or a private dentist. The cost for dental care is partly reduced if you are registered in the Swedish social insurance system.

About dental care on the Region Örebro County website

Getting here

Information about getting to Örebro University

Leaving Sweden

Swedish Tax Agency

If you leave Sweden in order to live abroad for at least one year you have to notify the Swedish Tax Agency at least one week before.

Read more and fill out the form at The Swedish Tax Agency website

Swedish Pensions Agency

You might need to contact the National Government Employee Pensions Board (SPV) and the Swedish Pensions Agency regarding future pension issues. Please read the information in English on our Intranet under "Termination of Employment".

Pension on the SPV website
National retirement pension on the Swedish Pension Agency website

Bank Account

Contact your bank and close your bank account. This might be difficult to do from abroad.


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