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Tuulia Hyötyläinen

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What if science could make vegetables and herbs that are nutritious and taste good even better?

ImprUV, a project from Örebro University’s focus area Food and Health, explores how we, by using UV light, can improve the flavour and nutritional quality of horticultural products in an efficient, commercially sound, and sustainable way. To explore this, we propose the cutting-edge idea of combining plant, sensory, and medical sciences with metabolomics (i.e., the comprehensive analysis of compounds present in a biological system). By applying network analysis to link analytical data on plant metabolism with sensory analysis data and biological data, we aim to define how UV light modulates – during plant growth – specific metabolites related to the sensorial and nutritional quality of horticultural products.

ImprUV is a project within Örebro Universitys strategic initiative Food and health


Research funding bodies

  • Örebro University