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A decolonial approach to teaching global justice issues (DecoPrax)

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In progress 2022 - 2026


Louise Sund

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children on dumster grounds in India

Engaging ethically with complex global justice issues, and unpacking how these are framed, studied and solved, takes time. Building from the team’s established expertise in pluralistic and decolonial approaches, our project aims to empirically investigate with (not on) teachers the possibilities and challenges of incorporating a decolonial praxis in the teaching of global justice issues. Over four years of engagement with a group of 12-15 upper secondary school teachers, new knowledge will be co-created regarding how to mobilise a decolonial praxis for global justice issues in secondary classrooms. We will investigate the ways such an approach can raise pedagogically productive tensions between urgency and pluralism in direct conversation with teachers’ experiences. 

Research funding bodies

  • Swedish Research Council