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Challenging segregation through education - a comparative study of local initiatives to challenging school segregation.

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In progress 2021 - 2025


Jan Jämte

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This research project analyses and compares local initiatives to counteract school segregation. While previous research has mapped and analysed the causes and consequences of school segregation, little has been done to scrutinize the local efforts developed to challenge these problems. This project examines the possibilities and limitations of different approaches for achieving integration and betterschool results. The project analyses three main initiatives commonly usedin Swedish municipalities, whichwe refer to as 1) Reinforcement, 2) Dispersion and 3) Merging. Through a combination of qualitative and quantitative data,we study the organizational, pedagogical and social processes that arise through each initiative and how these processes work together to achieve integration and better school results.

The project aims at answering the following questions: 1) Whatmotives and considerations arebehind different initiatives to counteract school segregation? 2) Whatorganizational, pedagogical and social processes arise within each initiative? 3) In whatway, and how, do each initiative contribute to betterschool results and integration?4) What similarities and differences can be foundbetween differentinitiatives, and how canthe results of this study be used to make visible and conceptualize possibilities and limitations in local work to counteract school segregation?

Research funding bodies

  • Swedish Research Council