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Education and Democracy

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Emma Arneback

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  • Humanities-Social sciences

The research environment Education and Democracy consists of 25-30 researchers (professors, postdocs, lecturers and doctorate students) established in research teams concentrated around different research projects and collaborating in common seminars. The historical and disciplinary basis of the research environment is within different branches of educational research and most of the members are educational researchers, but there are also other disciplines involved and collaborations within projects with researchers from disciplines as political science, sociology, informatics and medicine (psychiatry). The research has grown out of curriculum theory and didactics in educational research, but there is also research going on within the fields of philosophy of education, political philosophy and research on educational history and politics. Most of the research projects are based in research groups of members from the environment and financed primarily by the Swedish Research Council and especially its Committee on Educational Research. There are three professors and two post docs together with more than ten lecturers and twelve doctorate students within the environment. The researchers are related to many international research networks and many guest professors have worked within and together with researchers from the environment. Up to now five honorary doctors, closely related to the research environment, have been appointed: Cleo Cherryholmes from Michigan University 2000, Lars Løvlie from the University of Oslo 2003, Gert Biesta from Exeter/ Stirling / Luxembourg/ Brunel university 2006, Catherine Odora Hoppers from University of Pretoria in 2008 and David Hansen from Teachers College, Columbia University, New York in 2012. The research environment is also closely connected to the publishing of the journal Education & Democracy journal of didactics and educational policy (In Swedish: Utbildning & Demokrati tidskrift för didaktik och utbildningspolitik) in 2015 with its 24th volume, publishing the journal three times each year with contributions in the Scandinavian languages and English. The journal is to be found open access. 

The educational journal Utbildning & Demokrati