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Functional studies of protein-protein interactions between flavivirus and the host cell

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Magnus Johansson

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Flavivirus NS5 is an RNA dependent RNA polymerase essential for the virus life cycle. NS5 is also a flaviviral virulence factor as the protein affect and block parts of the innate immune response during viral infection.

This project reveals and characterizes novel protein-protein interactions between NS5 and the host cell. These interactions are connected to processes important for the understanding of disease outcome and replication of the virus.  We have shown that the TBE virus controls its mammalian host as NS5 specifically inhibit the type 1 interferon (IFN α/β) induced JAK-STAT pathway. By mapping the binding between NS5 and the PDZ protein Scribble we showed that the binding affects cell polarization induced by neuronal growth factor. We have recently discovered that the West Nile virus NS5 interacts with the PDZ protein found in the host cell mitochondria. Mitochondria have important functions for the cellular immune response, and we are characterizing these interactions and putative connections to innate immunity and apoptosis. We have developed several flavivirus replicon models, which are studied in different types of cells. In addition we have constructed systems for reverse genetics of TBE in collaboration with Anna Överby (Umeå University). Generated knowledge about flaviviral interactions with the host cell and the host immune response will be used for design of antivirals for future specific disease treatment.

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