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Gender Based Violence in Sports (2015-2017)

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Sofia Strid

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The project aims at increasing the knowledge on gender-based violence (GBV) in sports on both elite and amateur levels across the EU28 in order to improve EU  policy in this area. It is the first attempt to better define and measure the scope of gender-based violence in professional and grassroots sports across the 28 EU Member States.

More specifically, the project will:

1. Measure the magnitude of GBV in sports in the EU28;

2. Analyse the existing and recommended legal measures to combat GBV in sports in the EU28;

3. Identify best practices in combatting GBV in sporting environments in the EU28;

4. Provide recommendations for policy-makers and relevant (sport) stakeholders on GBV in sports in the EU28.

The project involves some twenty researchers and is carried out on behalf of the European Commission.

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  • European Commission