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Different ways to successfully aging in place

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About this project

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In progress 2016 - 2021


Marie Holmefur

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In Sweden, elderly people are, by "the principle of ageing in place", encouraged to remain living at their own homes, with help from home healthcare and home help services. If an elderly person don’t want to live at home anymore, he/she has, according to The Social Services Act right to apply for an accommodation in a nursing home. However, following "the principle of aging in place", the number of nursing homes has been reduced in the last decades, which might be the reason to the shortage of nursing homes leading to a waiting times range from weeks to months for applying elderly persons. The fact that elderly persons in Sweden apply to nursing home on a daily basis, is an indication of that "the principle of aging in place" cannot meet the needs of all people in the elderly population.
The PhD- project "Different ways to successfully aging in place" therefore includes studies that intend to identify the needs that affect the elderly choose to apply for nursing homes, to plan for preventive factors which could enable more successfully aging in home. The PhD-project will result in a dissertation which aims is to provide recommended interventions for further planning and investment in geriatric care.
As a growing population of elderly will make higher demands on society when it comes to standard of living, including aging at home. To determine what affects the elderly’s prosperous is therefore important both in the current situation but also for the future, as more and more of Sweden's population grows older and lives longer.


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  • Örebro University