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Kajsa Lidström-Holmqvist

Position: Adjunct Clinical Lecturer School/office: School of Health Sciences


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Kajsa Lidström-Holmqvist
Research subject

About Kajsa Lidström-Holmqvist

Kajsa Lidström-Holmqvist is a registered occupational therapist and PhD. She is an affiliated researcher at Örebro University. She works in the Örebro County Region as a research supervisor at the University healthcare research center and as an occupational therapist at the Department of Neuro- and Rehabilitation Medicine, Örebro University Hospital.

Research focus / current projects

Kajsa's main research interest is occupational therapy for people with cognitive disabilities. Other interests are assessement of occupational performance and disabilities impact on occupational performance, activity patterns and activity balance.

Within the research environment REAL (Research Enabeling an Active Life) , Kajsa is active in the research group TOVA (Time management and everyday structure in the event of cognitive impairment). In TOVA, she is active in the Ha Koll project concerning the evaluation of occupational therapy interventions for people with reduced time management skills due to neuropsychiatric and / or mental disorders. Within REAL, she is also active in the research groups TUMA (Treatment for dysmeli or amputation) and ÄLVA (Elderly health, care, activity and everyday life)

In the research environment FAMN, she is part of the research group Life situation in children and young people with narcolepsy (LISAN), where she is interested in how the children's / young people's activity patterns and daily life have been affected.

In addition to conducting her own research, she supervises several doctoral students. Their projects concern advanced myoelectric hand prostheses, aging, physical activity in people with ADHD and evaluation of the time management intervention Ha Koll compared to individual occupational therapy.


Kajsas has many years of experience teaching at the Occupational Therapist Program, Department of Health Sciences (HV), Örebro University. First as a senior lecturer at the program and then, since a few years, as a regular guest lecturer. She supervises essay students at the master's  program at HV.

Other engagements

Kajsa has served as  a reviewer for: Scandinavian Journal of Occupational Therapy, Australian Occupational Therapy Journal, British Journal of Occupational Therapy and Disability and Rehabilitation. She has also been hired as a lecturer regarding occupational therapy for people with cognitive disabilities of e.g. Conductive AB, Eskilstuna Municipality, Örebro Municipality and Örebro County Region. She has continuous teaching and development assignments for The Swedish Association of Occupational Therapists.


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