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Digitally enhanced mathematics education: Lesson modules to support orchestration of mathematical qualities in instruction

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Andreas Eckert

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The overall purpose of the project is to contribute to developing teachers' capacity to exploit the opportunities for student learning in digitally enhanced mathematics instruction. We will particularly focus on the design of a teaching material in mathematics, taking the form of lesson modules. The modules are expected to provide carefully designed activities, materials to the students, describing common difficulties students usually have in understanding the mathematical content of the module and provide instruction and guidance to the teacher in the processes of planning, implementing and evaluating the lesson.

The project follows the structure of a design based intervention study and is implemented in collaboration with practicing teachers in mathematics and researchers in mathematics education. The development and testing of lesson modules take place close to the teachers’ teaching practice. The project is expected to provide innovative knowledge on 1) how a lesson module should be designed to provide proper support for teachers to plan, implement and evaluate digitally enhanced mathematics instruction, 2) what constitutes an appropriate balance between general and specific components and instructions in a lesson module in mathematics, 3) how mathematical quality in instruction can be orchestrated in different forms in digitally enhanced instruction, and 4) how the content of a lesson module in mathematics and the way in which teachers use technology affects students' ability to co-produce mathematics lessons.


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