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Anna Teledahl

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We are a research group united around our interest in practice-based research on learning and teaching mathematics, and we collaborate in most of our projects directly with in-service teachers. The focus of our research is on characterizing and understanding learning processes and teaching in mathematics, but we also have a focus on what means are needed to support the development of mathematics teaching. Our empirical research interests are relatively broad and deal with, among other things, communication (both written and oral), reasoning and problem solving, and assessment in mathematics. We also investigate computational thinking, programming and digitally enhanced mathematics teaching, as well as teachers' collegial work in developing their mathematics teaching. Theoretically, we are open to several different perspectives and have, among other things, worked with inferentialism, Design Research, Realistic Mathematics Education and CHAT. In concrete terms, our collaboration involves joint seminars where we present and process our own texts as well as new and exciting ideas in other mathematics education research. We strive to expand our exchange and collaboration with other research environments in mathematics education both nationally and internationally.