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The gastronomic path. Gustatory wisdom in quest of sustainable development

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In progress 2018 - 2023


Inger M Jonsson

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In this project drivers for sustainable development is studied from the perspective of the practical wisdom present within gastronomy. One of the strengths of gastronomers is their ability to move people and awaken their curiosity through sensory experiences. In this way, gastronomy can engage people in a way that is not restricted to factual matters (i.e. epistemic issues), but also includes matters of judgment (i.e. phronetic issues).

This project is focused around the research question: "How can the practical wisdom within gastronomy contribute to the quest for sustainable development?". The project is theoretically rooted in a phenomenological-hermeneutic tradition, and narrative methods are applied.  The practical wisdom intrinsic to gastronomy, is to be understood to arise from the correspondence between theory, practice and design in gastronomic knowledge.

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  • Örebro University