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Gustatory wisdom in a knowledge-driven society

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Project status

In progress 2018 - 2025


Ute Walter

Research subject

The project examines how the idea of bildung impacts on gastronomy.

One of the strengths of gastronomes is their ability to move other people and awaken their curiosity by sensory experiences. Gastronomic knowledge merges theory, practice and design. In this way, gastronomy can engage people in a way that is not restricted to factual matters (i.e. epistemic issues), but also includes matters of judgment (i.e. phronetic issues).

This project is focused around the research question: "How can gastronomes' bildung contribute in a knowledge-driven society?".

The research is based on narrative methods and a hermeneutic approach to bildung. The project focuses on how gastronomy is used by people to influence their society.

Research funding bodies

  • Örebro University


  • Bernt Gustavsson, professor emeritus i pedagogik