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SHAPE - Sustainable reduction of Household Air Pollution in rural Ethiopia

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Started in 2018


Simon Athlin

The use of biomass fuel for cooking leads to household air pollution (HAP) in rural Ethiopia, with high levels of soot particles and carbon monoxide that damage health and environment. Improved cooking solutions and building designs, may reduce negative effects from HAP.

The purpose of the SHAPE network is to develop a longterm research partnership between Ethiopian and Swedish universities. SHAPE will bring experts together from various fields to conduct interdisciplinary research and to achieve affordable and clean energy, improved health and well-being, enhanced environment protection and reduced poverty, in accordance with UN´s sustainable development goals.

SHAPE´s specific aims are to (1) develop improved cooking solutions and building designs, (2) conduct pilot intervention studies in the Butajira district, (3) validate methods for measuring direct and indirect effects of HAP reduction and to (4) conduct joint research applications of high scientific quality.


Research funding bodies

  • Swedish Research Council