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Parents' experiences of time management and parenthood after the intervention Let's Get Organized.

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Kajsa Lidström-Holmqvist

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The project is a qualitative interview study with the aim to describe parents' experiences of time management and parenthood after participating in the group intervention Let's Get Organized. 

Impaired skills in time management and to organize daily activities can lead to challenges in managing daily living. Difficulties in planning, keeping appointments and finishing tasks in time may result in increased stress and are affecting the possibilities to have a sustainable job situation and can also have a negative impact on parenthood. Impaired time management skills are common in people with for example ADHD, ASD or mental disorders. 

Let's Get Organized is an occupational therapy group intervention with the aim to develop skills in time management, including planning and organization in activities in daily life. The group intervention provides structured training in the use of assistive devices and strategies, and also provides an increased awareness of one's own functioning and how it is affecting time management skills.

The participants in the project are parents with difficulties in time management due to a neurodevelopmental or mental disorder and have been participating in the group intervention Let's Get Organized.

Link to article: A more active parenting after attending Let's Get Organized - Experiences of parents with ADHD

Research funding bodies

  • Region Örebro County
  • Örebro University