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Time management skills in people with cognitive limitations (TOVA)

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The ability to manage and plan one's time is necessary to handle a number of life areas in a satisfactory manner.

In the research group TOVA, time management is studied in people with cognitive impairment, for example due to mental or neurodevelopmental disorder (ADHD or autism), mild intellectual disability or dementia.

The research of TOVA focuses on the development and validation of assessments and tests related to time perception and time management in everyday life, as well as the development and evaluation of interventions to enhance daily time management.

Members of the research group outsie Örebro University:
Gunnel Janeslätt (Region Dalarna, Uppsala University), Birgitta Wennberg (Linköping University), Ann-Christine Persson (Karolinska Institute), Felicia Pohl (research assistant, Region Gävleborg), Suzanne White (Samaritan Daytop Village, New York City) och Carrie Clawson (Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services, Fairfax, Virginia).

Member in the research group.

The Swedish part of the research group TOVA in October 2023. From the left: Felicia Pohl, Maria Wingren, Kajsa Lidström-Holmqvist, Birgitta Wennberg, Patrik Arvidsson, Ann-Christin Persson, Marie Holmefur, Gunnel Janeslätt.

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